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Welcome to the UF Surplus Warehouse. We offer several services to the university and the public as a whole. For the university we offer asset transfers to, from each department, and through My Assets, transfers between departments. For the public we offer a selected group of auctions. These can include computers, projectors, printers, automobiles, bikes and a varied array of scientific equipment.

Types of items that can be found at the warehouse include:

  • PC Computers/Laptops - Pentium 4 and above
  • Computer peripherals - projectors and scanners.
  • Desks and assorted office furniture
  • Copiers
  • Automobiles

All equipment received in the warehouse is held for a period of 14-days from date of transfer and made available to all UF departments. Due to the large volume of surplus property, after the 14-days have expired, all items not transferred to a department are placed on public auction. If you are interested in our current offerings please browse the Surplus Property Listing.

For more information, contact David Dykes at the Surplus Warehouse at (352) 392-0370.

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